Our promise: professionally written hotel opinions

We see our job in honestly giving our opinion on hotels and other accommodation from the viewpoint of senior travellers, as almost a consumer watchdog role.

And we are certainly never ambiguous in presenting our opinion.

Instead, we strive to describe how we experienced the hotel in a way that helps travellers, particularly seniors, understand what we thought about  location; customer service; cleanliness; accessibility; decor; comfort; extras; and services like free wifi and charging outlets.


We would never claim to be handing out advice – we are not qualified to do so.

But travellers know that, from us, they are getting level-headed and unbiased opinions based on our first hand experience.

Hotels and other accommodation providers that work with us appreciate that we use our   extensive experience in journalism and communication to showcase our opinions .

We take this seriously and always strive to maintain a sense of objectivity when presenting our opinion.

When we visit your hotel or Airbnb, we will explain it like it is, with the needs of the senior traveller foremost in mind as we do so.

Thank you

ian and Sue