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About us

Hello, we’re Ian and Sue Roberts, a travel writing and photography team, based in Australia.

Meet Ian and Sue

A professional writer, journalist and promoter for more than 40 years, Ian was joined by Sue in forming the Memorable Destination brand three years ago.


Because we’re passionate about showing seniors how we’ve enjoyed wonderful travel and awesome sights. Our challenge is “we’re not slowing down – are you?”


We were rambling across Europe and were inspired by the number of fellow ‘Grey Nomads’ – equipped with the latest technology – who were refusing to stop travelling as the years advanced.

This site; our newspaper column; and our range of social media outlets are dedicated to this growing numbers of seniors 60 years and over, who dream of embarking on independent travel, with all the enjoyment that comes from planning and doing it themselves.

It is also dedicated to the many wonderful accommodation facilities and attractions that not only cater for senior travellers, family reunions etc but, in many cases, actively offer deals and discounts.

The growth of our audiences and the feedback we receive has been humbling – and has shown clearly that independent retirees, seniors in general and family reunions are a fast-growing market for accommodation providers and the travel industries.

We show seniors how we have enjoyed what the world has to offer; how we’ve picked the ideal time to travel; how we keep costs to a minimum;  how we use technology; how we get the best prices on airfares – and where we’ve found the ideal accommodation.

When travelling, live like a local

When we travel we try to experience a destination from a local’s perspective.

From staying in family owned establishments to eating at local markets and travelling on local transport, we try to experience life as the residents do – and then we report on whether it is feasible for senior travellers or not.

We don’t accept payment, but we have no hesitation in promoting the best deals for seniors.

And we show how it can all be done without totally draining the kid’s inheritance.


But there’s more

As well as sharing useful travel tips, this site is where we put entertaining stories, amazing photography and videos.

It’s a place for people who want regular inspiration and motivation to getaway – and open the mind to new possibilities.

Because one thing this husband and wife marketing team agree strongly about about is the opportunity for seniors to enjoy the adventure of travel as much as teenage backpackers.

So, if you operate accommodation or an attraction that is particularly suitable for senior travellers, family reunions etc, contact us on the form below and we’d be delighted to arrange an independent review.