The world moves faster than ever – and travel is certainly not exempt from change and the impact of technology.

At the same time, we’ve never had a bigger travel choice. It can be bewildering.

Professional and evidenced-based

But, we’re here to help with what we see as a new type of consumer travel opinion site.

‘Memorable Destination’ provides impartial opinion of travel offerings that we have personally experienced – with particular emphasis on the viewpoint of senior travellers.

We use our substantial background in journalism and communication to help showcase our opinion, mixed with industry news and a quirky sense of humour.

Consumers and travel providers can look to us to fearlessly outline our thoughts on products and services such as the latest airline offerings; train travel and road trip routes.

We are not attempting to offer professional advice – simply outlining how we find issues such as ease of check-in; seat comfort; legroom; cleanliness; customer service; timeliness; meals; and facilities.

A win-win situation

We hope our opinions help consumers to make meaningful choices on travel bookings by equipping them with trustworthy information.

And we help the travel industry get the truth about its products to the senior traveller market by providing analysis in a fair and professional manner. It’s a win-win!

Main photo courtesy Pexels