Our world is ageing fast – that’s a undeniable fact.

And as baby boomers age, we can expect dramatic changes around us.

However, regardless of age, people want to travel, learn and to be entertained like never before. Everyone feels ‘forever young’.

So, how is this unprecedented demand being handled by the world-wide travel and hotel industries?

That’s where we come in – experiencing and then reviewing the treatment given to us  by travel, accommodation and tourism services.

These industries understand the importance of reviews  either by everyday travellers such as those on Trip Advisor or professionally-written opinions like ours.


In this day and age, ‘no online reviews’ is no longer an option.

And we are different to many of the other review sites. Here, you’ll find longer, first-hand experiences of various hotels; hotel chains; airlines; land transport; travel products; tourism destinations; and attractions.

These reviews are our view on things that we have personally experienced.  We are not offering advice, simply passing on our experiences – professionally written and presented and backed by an active presence on social media. We have tens of thousands of followers on Trip Advisor; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

As well as general reviews, our pages also serve as a guide to how the travel and hotel industries are coping amid this dramatic demographic change.

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Our opinions also offer the travel, tourism and accommodation industries an ideal channel into this booming market segment – and its substantial purchasing power.

If you’re missing the mark, contact us

So, if we ask to review your travel product or hotel – including how well you are ensuring   accessibility to all ages – then grab the opportunity.

We’re genuine and our reviews are totally based on experience.

By all means, contact us at ianandsue@memorabledestination.com –  and lets see how we can work together.