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World-wide, the hotel and travel industries understand the importance of reviews  either by everyday travellers such as those on Trip Advisor or professionally-written opinions like ours.

It’s estimated that up to 93% of travellers now carefully use online reviews before making hotel and travel booking decisions.


In this day and age, ‘no online reviews’ is no longer an option.

And we are different to many of the other review sites. Here, you’ll find longer, first-hand experiences of various hotels; hotel chains; airlines; land transport; travel products; tourism destinations; and attractions.

These reviews are our view on things that we have personally experienced.  We are not offering advice, simply passing on our experiences – professionally written and presented and backed by an active presence on social media. We have tens of thousands of followers on Trip Advisor; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The senior travel boom

This era of online  reviews  has co-incided with the development of senior travellers as a crucial and growing segment of the hotel, travel and tourism markets.

Just look around: a massive wave of baby-boomer retirements is upon us.


By 2050, there are expected to be more people in the world over 60, than there will be under the age of 15.

A huge market segment

More than 20% of US citizens, for example, are expected to be 65 and over by 2030 – compared with 13 percent in 2010.

That’s at least 65 million people.

In Europe today, there are more people aged 65 and over than there are children.

And, senior travellers, increasingly, seem to be experienced consumers of tourism and hospitality and avid users of online review sites.

We offer specialist seniors reviews

Memorable Destination’ aims to cater for this demand by experiencing travel, tourism and hospitality services from the viewpoint of a senior traveller – and then giving our view of each.

We understand the particular needs and preferences of this market segment, such as desired levels of comfort; emphasis on safety, authentic experiences, novelty and value for money.

As long-term travellers ourselves, we are well aware of how much importance seniors place on issues such as health; time flexibility after retirement; cost; and the desire for special interest travel.


Of course, as well as helping senior travellers, our genuine opinions offer the travel, tourism and accommodation industries an ideal channel into this booming market segment – and its substantial purchasing power.

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