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Pompeii: extraordinary and unforgettable


When visiting the ruins of Pompeii, our advice is to watch your step. Pomeii’s excavated streets are narrow, with massive cobblestones waiting to trip the unwary. But then, [...]

Ravenna: an Italian jewell


“If you think these are good, make sure you visit Ravenna.” That advice – from a fellow traveller – came as we marvelled at the stunning mosaic floors [...]

The medieval beating heart of Siena


Although often in the shadow of nearby Florence, the charming provincial city of Siena is a favourite destinations in Italy. For a start, the heart of Siena retains much of [...]

The Duomo di Milano: huge yet lacy


Mark Twain sure knew what he was talking about when he described Milan’s Duomo as “grand and vast –  yet delicate”. The American author went on to add: “What a [...]

Amazing Rome tugs at the heart

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“What did the Romans ever do  for us’ is surely the silliest question ever. One of the world’s most beautiful destinations and the capital of a wonderful [...]

Limoncello: nectar of a wonderful land


Italy’s magnificent Sorrentine peninsula, Amalfi Coast and Isle of Capri are some of the most beautiful places on earth. With astonishing scenery; picture-postcard towns [...]

Oh, take us back to Baveno


Baveno, in northern Italy, is one of our favourite destinations. Sitting on the shore of Lake Maggiore, the town is literally a slice of heaven: a world away from the [...]

Proving that size doesn’t count

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It may be the world’s smallest state, but Vatican City is still one of the most remarkable attractions on the planet. With a population of about 1,000, Citta del Vatican [...]