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Review: can modern planes really prevent jet lag

Courtesy of Scoot Airlines, we recently tested whether its Sydney-Athens services offered a viable gateway to Europe – especially for senior travellers.

Scoot opened its doors and allowed us to frankly and objectively experience the service – and report our findings.

FullSizeRender 2.jpgThe results in details are here but, in short, we found that it was a particularly cost-effective and time-effective way of getting from Australia to the capitals of Europe.

Like all flights from Australia, it is a long way but the well priced ScootBiz premium service is so comfortable that the airline really comes into its own – at a cost comparable to the gruelling Economy experiences of other long-haul carriers.

LRG_DSC02438 2.jpg
There was one key aspect that we didn’t report on at the time.

The 787 Boeing Dreamliner aircraft are also said to prevent the dry-throat and jet lag that usually accompany such a long flight. We waited a see how we pulled up after the flight before we commented on our experience.

Well… we found that, amazingly, the Scoot Dreamliner ‘s additional humidity certainly prevented flight dry-throat.


And, frankly, we were nowhere near as jet lagged as usual after returning from Europe.

For a few days, we still woke up in the middle of the night and felt like sleeping in the morning.

But we didn’t experience that woozy ‘drunken’ feeling, or the slight ache in the pit of the stomach.

We’re unsure whether the Scoot Dreamliner’s continual lighting system was the reason ……. but there was a definite difference which, as senior travellers, we really appreciated.

People you meet on Scoot Airlines

Georgie Montague and Rod English certainly have itchy feet.

Whether driving through the great sand dunes of Namibia, glamping in the wilds of Kenya, exploring the attractions of Morocco or riding the rails in Europe, this Aussie couple sure love to keep moving.

We met them on a Scoot 787 Dreamliner flight from Athens to Singapore,  as they headed home for the first time since February.

Swapping stories of life on the road, we were fascinated by the belter skelter pace set by Georgie and Rod after they had left Cairns, Queensland – bound firstly for Western Australia and then South Africa.

Destinations such as Johannesburg, Madagascar, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Frankfurt, the UK, Rome, Morocco and Athens – to name but a few – rolled off the tongue ….. each with a better story.

We were in awe of their endurance and the fact that much of their trip was totally unplanned – simply meandering where the road and rail took them.

And, of course, they were savvy enough to realise that Scoot’s popular Singapore-Athens service – linked with the airline’s Australian services – offered great value as a gateway to Europe and beyond.

After such a long time on the road, Georgie and Rod said the ScootBiz premium service – with its comfort and legroom – beckoned their aching bones.

Note: The Memorable Destination team travelled to Europe courtesy of Scoot, however all opinions, as always, are ours.

Scoot’s Dreamliner shines over the pyramids

We landed in Athens, Greece in fine, warm weather.

After flying for about 12 hours in darkness, the emergence into the soft dawn over the Middle East was a perfect opportunity to admire the sleek body and wings of Scoot’s 787 Dreamliner.

During the long night, we were so pleased to be in the ScootBiz premium cabin, where there was ample room to spread out and sleep in comfort.

The near silence of the Scoot Dreamliner was also appreciated – and our iPads and phones charged in the in-seat power sockets as we slept.

There was a ripple of excitement around ScootBiz as we emerged from the darkness to clear views of the Egyptian Pyramids through the extra-sized Scoot Dreamliner windows.

We marvelled at the extraordinary layout of the ancient Egyptian towns and cities and could clearly see bulk carriers on the sea.

Soon, the Greek islands came into view and it was time to eat a delicious breakfast served by the attentive Scooties and gather our belongings as the Scoot Dreamliner began to descend into Athens.

Once again,  we can only repeat that, in our experience, the ScootBiz premium package, combined with the technological wonder of the Scoot Dreamliner gave us by far the most comfortable long haul flight we have experienced.

As senior travellers, we found the experience ideal: relaxing, free of stress and enjoyable.

The priority boarding and disembarkment for ScootBix passengers was also ideal, as we could move at our own pace and be pampered all the way.

Amid hazy and steamy conditions, we made our way through Athens International Airport to catch a domestic flight to Crete. The comparison with Scoot’s Dreamliner was marked, believe me – firstly a bus out onto a hot tarmac and then a rather cramped 35 minute flight.

We made our way through the streets of Heraklion to our accommodation and a long sleep.

Somewhere in an eternal night

 It’s deep into the night and off to our left a storm lights up the clouds.

Through the sky window on our Scoot Dreamliner flight TR702 flickering lights of the Indian coastline can clearly be seen

All is still and quiet in the ScootBiz premium cabin. Seats are reclined, footrests are up and people sleep soundly.

Here and there, I can see the flicker of Scoot’s inflight movies, but overall barely a soul is stirring.

Earlier, the Scootie cabin crew gave out a meal bundle – in a cute little drawstring bag – to keep the hunger pangs at bay during the night.  

We ate ours quickly and then put away the passenger table that is stored in the armrest of the Scootbiz seats – another handy feature of the Scoot Dreamliner.

The LED mood lighting must be set to ‘night sky” as a faint starlight white around us is gradually giving way to a sunrise blue hue

Yawning and stretching: the comfortable, wide seats and great legroom in Scootbiz are particularly appreciated right now. 

Back in Australia, it’s mid morning on Father’s Day

Here, we’re about five hours from Athens – and, the night seems eternal

Nothing for it but to sink back iinto Scootbiz comfort and catch some more shut eye.

Goodnight all …….see you in the morning.
Note: Our flights for this review are courtesy of Scoot Airlines. But, as always, the opinions are fiercely independent.

Scoot’s Dreamliner lives up to its name

We like window seats, so our review of Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner was off to a flying start.

On boarding in Sydney, our eyes were immediately drawn to the Dreamliner’s oversized windows, which are said to be as much as 30 percent bigger than usual and allow in much more natural light.

It was the first time either of us had been on a Dreamliner; setting off from Australia to run the senior traveller’s microscope over Scoot’s European service to Athens, Greece.

And, first impressions were certainly positive.

As we moved onboard, we also noted wide seats, good leg room and bumper-sized overhead storage lockers that fold into the ceiling.

At our ages, wide seats are increasingly appreciated and big overhead lockers overcome the competition for bag space that often occurs on flights today.

In the ScootBiz premium cabin at the front of the plane, the spacious seating arrangement further emphasised the Dreamliner’s wide body.

On take-off, you really feel a surge of power through this plane and the sweep of the 787’s wings looks pretty sleek through the big windows.

Time passed quickly on the first leg of the trip, as we took a lot of photographs and were hard at work on Scoot’s in-flight wifi. There were at least eight laptops and several iPads logged onto the service in ScootBiz, but the wifi was easy to join and, for the most part, was fast enough for our purposes.

In what seemed like no time at all, we were descending into Singapore and stepping into the colourful and always-busy Changi Airport.

After refreshing and catching some sleep in an airport lounge, courtesy of our son, Dane, we were back in the air and headed off into the early morning on the long haul to Athens.

Once again, we marvelled at the smooth flight and quiet operation of the Scoot Dreamliner and the splendid vision of the night sky through the windows.

The lack of noise is particularly noticable and is a big improvement over every other plane we’ve used. The contrast with the Jumbo Jet, for example, is marked.

Other improvements in the Scoot Dreamliner are far more subtle: like lower cabin altitude and higher humidity.

An inbuilt humidifier improves air quality, with the aim of preventing skin from drying and allowing you to feel refreshed at the destination.

As we sit here, there are no obvious signs that we will emerge from this Scoot Dreamliner trip with the rosy complexions of a teenager, but who knows?

LED lighting in the Scoot Dreamliner is also a big improvement on the old days of either having the cabin lights on or the cabin lights off. Here, our crew can choose from a wide range of both colours and degrees of brightness.

When it’s time for us to sleep, the lighting will mimic the night sky. But when we need to be awake, the cabin will fill with a simulated sunrise – moving gradually from near darkness to a dark blue – and then a warm shade of orange. 

Apparently, the aim is to help keep your internal clock in sync and possibly minimise jet lag. I’ll let you know about that one.

Aviation-speak aside, from our viewpoint as senior travellers, the Dreamliner combined with the ScootBiz premium cabin is giving the nicest and most comfortable long haul trip we’ve experienced.

Note: Our flights for this review are being provided by Scoot Airlines. But, as always, the opinions are fiercely independent.

Airline review: ScootBiz premium service

Should senior travellers put their faith in a budget airline?

That’s a fair question, especially for people who grew up with the stability of a tightly regulated and largely government-run airline environment.

Today’s seniors probably have more time to travel than at any stage in their lives. And, there’s no doubt that they deserve to put their feet up and be comfortable.

But, like everyone else, senior travellers also need to watch their bank account – which brings us back to flying on low-cost carriers.

After being bombarded with questions from fellow seniors about the safety, comfort, convenience, efficiency, food and customer service of medium and long haul budget airlines, we decided to find out for ourselves.

So, we set out to take a flight – and produce an honest and blunt review, with an emphasis on suitability for senior travellers.

The ideal test case

Coincidently, Scoot Airlines – the low-cost carrier owned by the Singapore Airlines group – this year added Europe to its schedules with a new service between Singapore and Athens.

This service appeared ideal for our low-cost carrier review for several reasons:

Scoot also has a premium cabin called ScootBiz whose added touches may particularly appeal to seniors – and can be comparable to the price of economy class on traditional, full-service airlines.

Scoot already flies between Singapore and our base in Australia, offering a perfect long-haul test route between Sydney and Greece.

Scoot is a fast-growing and ambitious low-cost carrier that also has plans to take its service into the US market.

Scoot is not only an example of a low-cost carrier, but also offers the latest in new-generation wide-body planes such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


After doing this research, we approached Scoot about taking a truly objective look at its ScootBiz long haul product through the eyes of senior travellers – and, to its credit, the airline agreed to open its doors to our scruitiny, with no strings attached.

As a result, we arrived today at Sydney’s International Airport ready to put ScootBiz under the microscope for our readers.

Our aim is simple: to review the ScootBiz service on a long-haul journey and detail our experience to senior travellers who may be considering flying with Scoot in this way.

The booking experience

We remember when just about the only options for buying plane tickets were over the phone or in person at an airport ticket counter.

These days, it’s mostly done online, but many seniors have horror stories about websites. That’s not the case with, which is logical, accessible, large print and easy to understand.

There is even a help page on the website called ‘Scooting Booking Tips 101’ – and, if you still need assistance, Scoot has customer service call centres.

The packing experience

The real starting point with any plane trip is packing and this was made easier with the generous luggage allowance on ScootBiz – 30kg for checked baggage and two pieces of cabin baggage with a combined weight not exceeding 15kg.

Like many senior travellers, we try to keep heavy bags to a minimum, so the Scootbiz allowance was fine for us.

The airport experience

Navigating an airport can be downright disorienting – but, once again, the Scootbiz option is ideal for seniors.

A dedicated counter, priority check-in and boarding is all included in the fare.

It will apparently be the same at the other end, with ScootBiz passengers given priority disembarkation.

Flight: the first impression

Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners have plenty of ‘Wow Factor’, even if you usually think that a plane is just a plane.

Overall, our first impression was that the Dreamliner was stylish and spacious.

The windows seemed huge, the lighting soft and the decor fresh and spotless. And nowhere was this more evident than up-front in the premium Scootbiz section.

ScootBiz seating

Wide and roomy reclining leather seats give you 56cm of space between the armrests and 96cm from headrest to headrest.

The seats have adjustable head and feet rests, with simple controls.

For us, that is especially important because it is undoubtedly the most comfortable seating we’ve encountered in a plane.

We could certainly get used to this!

The spacious ScootBiz seats also give heaps of legroom.

We’re able to stretch out with ease and move our legs around to prevent cramp. We’ve never felt this comfortable on a flight.

Carry-on storage

In ScootBiz, there’s also big overhead lockers that overcame the need to compete with fellow travellers for every bit of carry-on storage.

This is also ideal for senior travellers who may struggle with heavy luggage.

It’s comforting to know that your carry-on bags are close at hand and not several seats away down the plane.

ScootBiz entertainment

We’re in ScootBiz seats IA and 1C and are charging our iPads with the in-seat power. 

As well as writing this review on the in-flight wifi, we’ll use our devices later to check out Scoot’s entertainment system.

ScooTV is complimentary in ScootBiz and is streamed directly to your own device. We downloaded the necessary app a few days before our flights.

‘Scooties’ and meals

At the airport and throughout the flight, we’ve found the ‘Scooties’ – as the airline calls its staff – to be attentive, efficient and friendly. The cabin crew in ScootBiz really know their business and couldn’t be more helpful.

While preparing for this review, we read how Scoot’s move into long haul flights had been accompanied by a review of necessary changes in its food and drink menus.

This was our meal between Sydney and Singapore – and it was delicious.

This is also particularly important for senior travellers who may have more sedate tastebuds.

And, in ScootBiz, passengers can choose the premium meal options and they get two side servings along with the main dish.

Review findings

In a nutshell, here are the broad findings of our review:

Q: Would we, as senior travellers, choose ScootBiz for a long flight over the economy section of a traditional legacy airline?

A: Without hesitation. We don’t see ourselves as ancient, but comfortable flying is certainly far more important now than it was back in the day.

And ScootBiz is, without doubt, a far more comfortable experience than any long-haul economy flight we have made in many decades of travelling.

The low-stress check-in at the airport; gentle loading onto the aircraft; and, so far, the care and comfortable surroundings of the flight have been eye-opening.

This is one of the roomiest, most modern and advanced planes we’ve experienced; no one has reclined their seat into our faces or clambered over us to use the toilet; there’s plenty of cabin storage; and the ScootBiz environment is an absolute pleasure.

In short, we’ve traded back-of-the-seat entertainment for a superbly comfortable seat and superior trip in a state-of-the-art plane – all for a comparable price.

To us, it’s a no-brainer. ScootBiz is great value and meets all our needs as senior travellers – plus a lot more.

Keep watching for additional reports.

Note: Our flights for this review are courtesy of Scoot Airlines. But, as always, the opinions are fiercely independent.

And so it starts with a sleek and shiny lady

The planning is over, bags packed, goodbyes said – and we’re off to cast a senior traveller’s eye over the premium Scootbiz service offered by Scoot Airlines.

Sitting in Sydney International airport on a busy Saturday afternoon, we’re somewhat excited about our first flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – to Singapore firstly and then on to Athens, Greece.

Quite a few readers have asked how the Scootbiz service compares with the premium packages of traditional long-haul carriers – and now we’re about to find out.

The Dreamliner experience will be the opening stage of a six-week sweep through the Greek Islands, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK – writing about destinations, travel and accommodation particularly suitable for fellow senior travellers.

However, we felt decidedly younger a short time ago as we stood by the viewing window, noses pressed to the glass, to watch the Scoot Dreamliner pull into view.

It’s sleek lines and swept-back wings cut a fine sight in the early afternoon sun – a fitting way to start our review and our latest adventure.

Join us on the journey