New York: a humble tree you should find

The  best travel experiences are often the unexpected ones.DSCN0468

For example, the ‘Freedom Tower’ is a ‘must see’ for visitors to New York City.

Set amid the Financial District of Manhattan Island, the tower and its adjoining September 11 Memorial and Museum stand on the site of the former the World Trade Centre.

A striking view from all sides, the tower complex also contains an unexpected surprise.

While visitors marvel at the cascading waters of the North and South memorial pools and silently read the names of the  2,983 people who died in the Twin Towers, it’s easy to overlook a humble pear tree standing nearby.

Yet this pear means a lot to the Big Apple.

The survivor

Known as ‘The Survivor Tree’, the Callery Pear was pulled from the ruins of the World Trade Centre, where it had stood in the plaza area since the 1970’s.

The tree trunk was charred and covered with ash, but it refused to go down – and was nursed back to health at a local nursery.DSCN0469

After also surviving a massive storm in 2010, the pear tree was replanted in the grounds of the September 11 Memorial, as a living reminder of resilience, survival and rebirth.

Since then, the tree – which is surrounded by more than 400 Oaks in the eight  acre grounds of the memorial – increasingly has become an attraction in its own right – accepted as a living example of  the ability to bounce back from trauma.

Continuing the symbol

With the aim of keeping the Survivor Tree alive for coming generations of visitors, officials at the memorial propagated the fruit of the pear into seedlings, which have now grown into  saplings.

In years to come, a new generation of travellers may be able to visit the offspring of ‘The Survivor Tree’ standing in NYC’s Central Park or other prominent public places.

See directions for visiting the September 11 Memorial and don’t miss ‘The Survivor Tree’.

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