At Barcelona, even the cemetery is an art gallery

Soon after leaving the airport at Barcelona, – at the very gateway to the city – you are faced with a sight remarkable even in eye-opening Catalonia.

Winding up the side of Montjuic Hill, overlooking the sea and looming above the Barcelona cargo port is a huge cemetery – much of it built in the sepulchral style with coffins above ground stacked up to eight high in big communal graves.

Cementiri de Montjuic covers an astonishing 56 hectares on the seaward side of the hill, below the 375 year old former fortress, known as Castell de Montjuic.

Opened in 1883, the cemetery contains about 150,000 burial plots, niches and mausolea.

It is a striking sight and has become an attraction for visitors, much like the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris, France and Highgate Cemetery in north London.652px-Montjuic_Cemetery_Barcelona_IMGP9429

In each case, the necropolis has become an invaluable gallery of what is referred to as ‘funerary art’.

At Barcelona’s Cementiri de Montjuic, architects, sculptors, stained-glass artists and other craftsmen contributed, through the years, to creating beautiful examples of funerary architecture and sculpture.

There are magnificent neo-Gothic mausoleum; eye-catching statues; large family vaults reflecting many architectural styles; and the walls or sepulchral niches, where the coffins rest above ground.

As you walk through the Cementiri de Montjuic, it is like strolling through a miniature city cloaked in silence. In fact, much of the cemetery is built to replicate the layout of Barcelona’s Eixample district.

Famous people at Cementiri de Montjuïc include former president of the Catalan Government, Francesc Macià; musician and composer, Isaac Albeniz; architect, Ildefons Cerdà; founder of FC Barcelona, Joan Gamper; and renowned painter and sculptor, Joan Miro.

At the administration office by the main entrance, you can get route plans to help you see the notable historical and artistic sections of Cementiri de Montjuic. It is open daily from 8am to 6pm.

Photo above of Montjuic Cemetery, Barcelona, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and photographer  Nikodem Nijaki.  The main photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons and photographer Jordiferrer 

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