It’s true, there’s a story in everything.

Regardless of where we are in the world – and whether we are exploring today, imagining tomorrow, or thinking about anniversaries or days past – the story, as they say, is everything.


So, we make an effort never to cast aside the random thoughts, comments of friends, emails from readers and jottings from our many trips.

Our desk certainly isn’t tidy, but we call it inspiration.


And, as the passing years slow us down, it’s our desk, our experiences and our iPads that keep the stories coming.

While our main interest is presenting our opinion about travel, tourism and accommodation that we have experienced, this is the place for much of the rest.

We try to keep a semblance of order to the rest of our site – whether it is the opinions or the associated news snippets and often humorous items.

But ‘Our Desk’ defies this organisation.