Favourite romantic spots

There’s no doubt about it: travel can be romantic regardless of your age.

And here’s some of our favourite romantic destinations:

1.Venice, Italy – if romance has an ideal backdrop, this is it. Venice seems to emit a romantic energy. No wonder it is known as the City of Honeymoons.


2. ‘El Maresme’, Catalunya – the dreamy coastline north of Barcelona.


3. Florence, Italy – a living, breathing marvel


4. Gower, Wales – a magical, mystical place. Wander among the castles and standing stones and feel the presence of the great romantic writers.

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5. Paris, France  –  synonymous with romance.


6. Scotland – land of wonders


7. Sorrento/Amalfi Coast, Italy – an amazing part of the planet


8. The Swiss Alps – stunning alpine scenery, romantic islands and sweeping lakes.


9. Rome, Italy – sights like the Trevi Fountain will live in your soul forever.


10. The heart of grand old London – romantic in a special way.

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11. Dock of the bay, Copenhagen, Denmark – who could fail to love this romantic city and its wonderful people.


12.The Cornish coastline, UK – lose yourself amid rugged beauty, whitewashed villages and glittering streams.


13. Waterside New York City – serenity amid the excitement of one of world’s great cities.


14. Isle of Capri, Italy – this beautiful place is not one of the world’s great honeymoon destinations for nothing.


15. Legendary Pacific Coast, Australia – sunset over Alstonville Cottages, New South Wales.


16. Horse and carriage ride, Vienna, Austria – a romantic way to see the historic heart of a lovely city


17. Prague, Czech Republic – a romantic city steeped in history


18. Utah’s national parks, US – the Coyote Buttes


19. Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK – a romantic village of intense colours


20. Niagara Falls, US – the ideal place to elope.


21. Gold Hill, Shaftsbury, Dorset, UK – one of the world’s great romantic scenes


22. The Great Ocean Road, Australia – the romantic lure of nature



Amalfi Coast Romance

For an unusual gift, try a Welsh love spoon

We have close ties with Wales.

But it’s a lot more than just family links that keep bringing us back to this wonderful part of the planet.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe have been fortunate to travel the length and breadth of Wales – and each time we have new experiences, find different attractions and explore ever more memorable destinations.

It’s far more than just the intriguing history, the warmth of the people and the intense pride in their heritage.

As we found on our most recent visit to the remarkable Gower area of southern Wales – with its standing stones and other monolithic structures – there is also deep and important local belief in folklore and Celtic mysticism.


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Beauty and history merge at Gower


One particular Welsh tradition has spread world-wide -and is a great gift idea for just about any occasion

‘Love Spoons’ are carved from wood, contain special decorations and were traditionally used as a gift of intent.

In much the same way that today’s young men might bring gifts of flowers, chocolates or even jewellery to their beloved, ‘Love Spoons’ were traditionally used by a suitor to show a girl’s father that the would-be husband was capable of providing.

IMG_0449There are similar traditions in Scandinavia and some parts of Eastern Europe, but Welsh ‘Love Spoons’ stretch back as far as the 17th Century and were originally used to eat cawl soup, a Welsh stew made from vegetables and lamb.

The earliest known example is in a museum at Cardiff and is from 1667. Later, the spoons became a symbol of romance and had certain symbols with specific meanings: a heart for love; a lock for a promise of security; a horseshoe for good luck; a cross for faith; and bells for marriage.

Creating these spoons is now seen largely as a folk craft, but they adorn the walls of even the most modern  Welsh home or apartment – and there are entire galleries devoted to showing and selling them

Ours draw us closer to family and also bring back memories of this glorious and often-mysterious  lush green land across the seas.

If these traditional spoons catch your fancy, but you are not likely to head for Wales anytime soon, they can also be obtained online.

How to get there

Wales is only a few hours drive or train trip from most of the UK’s big cities. Many international airlines fly direct to and from Cardiff.

Romance Traditions Wales