I must admit, we’ve never given much thought to airline points programs.  

When booking flights anywhere, we have always looked for the best value possible – and the concept of being bound to a particular airline has ranked fairly lowly in that decision. 

However, there are travellers out there who save points with an almost religious zeal, eyes fixed on a seat up the front of their favourite airline; priority boarding; or a hot shower in an airport lounge.

These people should particularly appreciate a new online travel planning tool called FlightConnections.com.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 12.32.27 pm.png

Initially web-based, but soon to appear as an App, FlightConnections.com is described as a “worldwide flights route map”. 

Put simply, it shows probably every air route in the world.

Users can search from anywhere to anywhere – and quickly work out connecting flights to put together a travel itininary.

For example, rather than booking a long hual route to Europe or the US, you can use this online tool to see if it is feasible and cheaper to catch one flight to an Asian hub and connect there with an entirely separate plane to your destination

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 12.34.03 pm.png

So what’s the particular benefit for points-savers?

Well, FlightConnections.com has a filter that allows users to select a particular airline loyalty alliance – and see a map showing flights by those partners only.

The map also shows single and two stop flights over particular routes.  

Another interesting one

Another interesting tool for travel planning in Europe, Asia and Africa is AZair.

This site doesn’t  require you to enter exact dates of travel. Instead, you only need to enter a broad period e.g. July or August and a region e.g. Greek Islands.

AZair then combines  available connections – including those between different carriers – and gives you the cheapest options.

The site says its database currently covers about 80 airlines and covers most  airports

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