Giving lots of advance thought to your baggage is becoming more and more important for airline travellers.

The number of airlines charging for check-in luggage has accelerated the trend toward flying with carry-on bags only.

And that, in turn, has led to passengers stuffing as much as they can into overhead cabin bins.


Carry-on bags have got bigger and bigger, stretching cabin luggage limits.

Even in new-age planes with particularly big overhead bins –  it isn’t certain that you can stow your cabin bags near your seat.

To overcome this problem, travellers are tending to rush onto the aircraft leading to unsightly jostling for prime positions at the boarding gate.

On some of our most recent flights, we saw people literally running down the jetway to board early, just to get overhead luggage space near their seats.

So, it’s wise to prepare for the liklihood of your cabin bags ending up at one end of the plane, while you are seated at the other. This is important to consider if you need to get to medication, iPads, laptops etc during the flight.

If you are like us and usually opt for multiple airlines, it’s also smart to examine check-in baggage requirements across all companies – even it you have a single ticket only.

For example, in Spring we flew from Sydney to Athens with Scoot Airlines, which had a generous baggage allowance.

However, we had to keep in mind the fact that, on alighting, we were off to Crete with Aegean Airlines, which wasn’t as generous.

It’s also common sense to make use of the discounts for paying online.

This doesn’t stop with baggage fees. With some airlines, it can be cheaper to print your boarding pass at home, instead of the airport.

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