It has been a big year for the Memorable Destination team.

After starting with a humble travel blog 25 years ago, we’ve finally achieved our dream of a site that objectively rates the ‘Age-Friendliness’ of travel products and hotels.

We sometimes wondered whether our belief that travel and hospitality services should cater for all ages was too idealistic.

Many times, we also asked ourselves whether people wanted professionally-written travel reviews.

But we kept going – and late this year, we finally launched ‘Age-Friendly Travel’ – the Memorable Destination Reviews.

And we’ve been more than heartened by the initial response.

The launch was just in time for the festive season – so we decided to celebrate by giving you a look at some of our collection of Christmas Tree decorations, gathered around the world during our travels over a quarter of a century.

We realise that it’s a bit ‘out of left field’, but here are some of our favourites:

Decoration from Denmark

Danish deco.jpg

This angelic decoration has long held pride of place on our family tree. It is gorgeous.

Decoration from Austria

Austria deco.jpg

Classy and elegant: what else would you expect from the Austrian Alps.

Decoration from Barcelona

Barcelona deco.jpg

Bold and bright: just like Catalonia and its wonderful capital.

Decoration from London

English deco.jpg

How very British – a Harrods Bear.

Decoration from Greece

Greek deco.JPG

A new one in our collection: a Santorini donkey

Decoration from Italy


From Ravello, on the glorious Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Decoration from Slovenia

Slovenia deco.jpg

Another new one. Slovenia is wonderful and this decoration sums up this charming country.

So, on that note, thanks for reading our site throughout 2017 – and have a wonderful and safe holiday period.

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