After a wonderful roadtrip through Germany, we had picked up low-cost tickets to fly with Eurowings from Hamburg to the United Kingdom.

It was our first flight with the German carrier – and an ideal opportunity to rate Eurowings Age-Friendliness.

Here’s our rating:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hamburg Airport

Q: Was the booking process simple and easy to complete?

A: Yes. The Eurowings website was straight-forward and we booked ticketes without any problems. Later, we needed to make a change to Passport details – and the airline ’s telephone customer service did so without any problem or any additional charge.

While booking, we noticed the Eurowings also advised of the following help, if needed, free of charge:

Assistance for hearing-impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning
Assistance for visually impaired passengers during boarding and deplaning
Carrying passengers with impaired mobility to the plane and transport of one wheelchair
Assistance for passengers with impaired mobility from check-in to the plane
Assistance for passengers with impaired mobility on the steps to the plan

Q: Did Eurowings communicate after you booked tickets?

A: Yes were advised to be at the airport at least two hours before departure. Eurowings is also active on social media, so we kept a watch for announcements in the weeks running up to our flight.

Q: How was check-in?

A: Smooth. As expected, there were a lot of Eurowings luggage check-in desks at Hamburg airport. We printed our boarding passes at one of the many automated facilities – and checked-in our luggage within minutes of arriving. Many older travellers tend to shun the boarding pass machines, but these couldn’t be easier to operate.

Q: How was the airport experience?

A: Hamburg is a fairly big regional airport, but the arrival/departure boards were easy to follow and we were soon through security and into the departure lounge area. Eurowings advised one person on our flight that she could take her wheelchairs with her, subject to battery inspection. While checking in, it was politely suggested that we allow 30 minutes to get from check-in to the gate.

Q: Were there any problems boarding?

A: No. Our plane was on time and we boarded via a jetway and easily found our seat for the relatively short journey to London Heathrow.

Q: How was the aircraft?

A: Our plane was an Airbus A320 and was spotlessly clean and tidy. We were seated in Economy, which was comfortable enough. We had flown premium cabin from Australia to Europe on a Scoot Airlines 787 Dreamliner — and the Airbus certainly didn’t compare. However, for a short journey, the Eurowings offering was fine.

Q: Were the seats comfortable?

A: The seats were the usual Economy fare and, overall, the flight was comfortable and relaxing.

Q: How was the cabin crew?

A: Efficient, professional and polite. Although the flight was only about one-and-a-half hours, we were given light refreshments and a drink of water.

Q: Did you land on time?

A: The flight left Hamburg on time and arrived at London Heathrow about 10 minutes early. Both the take-off and landing were smooth – and there were no problems leaving the plane as we steeled ourselves to face British customs.


Our Age-Friendliness Rating

8/10. From our experience, Eurowings is ideal for all ages – at least on a short to medium haul flight. The airline’s reputation of being a reliable, no-frills carrier doesn’t quite do it justice. We found that it communicated well; had a smooth check-in and boarding process; provided a clean and tidy aircraft and did absolutely nothing wrong on the ground or in the air. The Airbus Economy seats were comfortable without being anything to write home about; the personal space was adequate.

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