Athens was a great choice of destination for the first Scoot Airlines service into Europe.

The Greek capital is an absorbing place: a tapestry of old and new, where people stand in ruins more then 2,00 years old and take selfies.

Sitting on a coastal plain and built around seven hills, Athens is a whirl of sight and sound that melds the facilities of a modern, vibrant metropolis with breath-taking ancient scenery.

The past is important to Athenians, as it surrounds them in every direction, but the city’s heart pulses with the trappings of a modern European capital – high end fashion stores; coffee shops – and immaculately-dressed beautiful people.

Scoot also chose a perfect destination for a gateway to the stunning Greek Islands – and the rest of Europe. If you fly into Athens in the Scoot Dreamliner, it’s a simple matter to move onto the Greek Islands by ferry or air – and to fly to other European countries



Athens is also a wonderful destination of its own.

Outstanding sights include the famous Acropolis hill and ruins of the  Parthenon temple; the Acropolis museum; Syntagma Square and its Parliamentary guards; the vibrant central shopping area; National Gardens; outstanding churches; and ancient Delphi where the famous Oracle once handed out advice.
It’s possible to walk up Acropolis Hill and wander among the ruins of the Parthenon, before visiting the Acropolis Museum to se artefacts uncovered at the ruins. This is a tremendous experience that allows you to step back in time to the majesty that was Ancient Greece.

If you visit Syntagma Square, traditionally costumed evzones (guards) of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier change every hour.

On Sunday at 11am, a whole platoon marches down Vasilissis Sofias to the tomb, accompanied by a band.

When the guard is changing, they ‘march’ in slow motion, with a synchronised goosestep-like stride. And they wear wooden shoes somewhat like Dutch clogs, decorated with a Pom Pom.

Here’s a further sample of our photos of Athens:

Temple to Diana, Delphi

Decision at the theatre

Sue in the fashionable Ermou

Athens suburbs from Acropolis Hill

Ancient bank building, Delphi

If you’d like to see Athens for yourself, check our review on the ScootBiz premium service from  and Singapore.

Or see our review of Scoot’s 787 Dreamliner.

Note: our review trip to Athens was courtesy of Scoot Airlines but, as always the reviews are our own thoughts.

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