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Heightened security: what to expect

In the wake of the latest London and Manchester terror attacks, security has understandably become an even bigger issue for people planning travel.

Although neither of these horrific incidents occurred at an airport or onboard a plane, aviation is still right at the forefront of heightened security measures.

Laptop and device restrictions

For example, soon after the latest attacks, increased security was announced for passengers flying direct to Australia from the Middle Eastern airports of Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


The new measures, which are being implemented at boarding gates, include random explosive trace checks on electronic devices, but stopped short of a complete ban on carrying such devices in cabin luggage – at this stage.

We stress …. ‘at this stage’.

A much more strict carry-on ban – on laptops, e-readers, cameras and almost any other electronic device that is not a phone – has been introduced on many flights into the US and U.K.

In fact, these are probably the most significant restriction on air travel since liquids of more than 100ml were banned from carry-on luggage.

At the time of writing this, the US and UK bans involved eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Unfortunately, the selection of certain airports And not others has only increased the inconsistencies from one country to another that have become the bane of a traveller’s life.

IMG_2361However, life everywhere changed dramatically after the World Trade Centre attacks in New York City and often-frustrating security checks at airports and elsewhere are just one result.

As Australian travellers, we keep a close eye on our Federal government’s website when on the move and planning a trip.

Check airline and airport websites

It’s also wise for all travellers to check the websites of airports that they will be using as well as their airlines.

Often important security information is posted on these sites, as well as sudden changes in procedures and rules.

Of course, travellers won’t only encounter heightened security at airports.

They should also be prepared for strict checks at places such as other transportation hubs, big shopping centres, tourist attractions and public events.

About Ian Roberts (260 Articles)
Ian Roberts is a veteran Australian journalist, PR man and writer/reviewer on accommodation and travel. Over many decades, Ian has travelled widely reporting and recording his experiences. His newsy columns - including Memorable Destination - have gained a big following among people seeking suggestions and objective information about accommodation, travel and destinations world-wide. Along with wife, Sue and her camera, Ian has taken up a particular challenge to help budget conscious seniors 50 and upward with travel and accommodation ideas - including suggestions for holding family reunions. Readers in Ian's home city of Newcastle Australia may also be aware of his travel and accommodation column in a local newspaper.

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