In the past couple of months, we’ve taken a close look at the issue of personal security for travellers.

We’ve examined a new generation of anti-theft backpacks, shoulder bags, security clothing and convenient personal alarms.

And we tested and reviewed some of the leading products before making recommendations on their suitability and advisability for travel.

In the course of the series, one of the most creative personal security ideas that we came across were Passport Security Socks from Zip It Gear.

These are ingenious – high quality, comfortable socks for both women and men, with a hidden zippered compartment to store valuables.


Photo courtesy Zip It Gear

A great idea born over a beer

It’s often said that the best ideas are born of necessity and Zip It Gear admits that this was certainly the case with the Passport Security Socks.

The concept came after inventor and owner, Evan Papel, was pickpocketed while travelling in Europe.

Over a beer and what cash he had left, came the idea of the security socks.

From a personal security point of view, it was a moment of brilliance. Unless thieves are crawling along the ground, this is truly a great way to keep things safe.


Our review: The security aspect

We tested the size of the hidden pocket and found that it quite easily held:

  • a Passport
  • coins and notes
  • a credit card
  • ID (driver’s licence)

No rubbing against the leg

Initially, we were wary that valuables put in the pocket might irritate the wearer or hamper movement.

However, after extensive road testing, our concerns were eased: the pocket is designed to sit above the ankle and didn’t rub against our legs at all.

We even added a key to the pocket, but still didn’t feel it.

And, despite a lot of walking and cycling, we found that items in the pocket didn’t slip down or interfere with our movement in any way. The socks have a non-slip top which keeps them in place.

No excessive bulge

We also found that items in the pocket didn’t bulge noticeably and the zipper blends in with the material and is not obvious.

The pocket in Zip It Gear’s Passport Security Socks, to all intents and purposes, really is hidden.

It’s also clever that the zipper itself is made of nylon to avoid problems with airport metal detectors.

This is part of a series of reviews we are undertaking on personal safety products for travellers – especially fellow senior travellers.  wallet-cash-credit-card-pocketWe are particularly focusing on the new-generation of innovative features and products that are rapidly boosting security for travellers.

The functional aspect

Okay, so the socks got top marks for personal security – but we asked ourselves whether they were also practical?

What would be the point if they didn’t also function well as plain old socks?

Well, on this point, we got a huge shock.

Comfortable and light to wear

As well as security, the Passport Security Socks were clearly designed to be particularly comfortable.

Soft and light, the socks have a form-fitting arch and extra padding on the sole and around the toes to help prevent blisters.

Zip It Gear says ‘Holofiber’ in the sock may also reduce feet swelling.

No sweat

In our test, we worked up quite a sweat walking and cycling, but found that the socks seemed to breath particularly well; stayed dry and cool; and didn’t smell.

The maintenance aspect

But how do you wash them while travelling?

We did both a machine wash and a hand wash – without any problems.

The Passport Security socks emerged unscathed from both the washing machine and a low tumble dry.

And for hand washing, we turned the socks inside out soaked them in soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and hung them to dry inside.

As claimed, they dried overnight, which is also great for travelling.


Photo courtesy Zip It Gear


There’s a lot to like about the Zip It Gear’s Passport Security Socks.

  • They’re great for securing your Passport and other essentials while on the road.
  • The zip pocket is a good size, doesn’t look bulky and does not slip down to hinder movement.
  • And, as well as their nifty security role, these are also first rate socks: comfortable to wear and well padded to absorb impact; light and dry even during hard exercise; and odour absorbing.

We put them through torrid testing and could not fault the functionality.

Overall, Zip It Gear’s Passport Security Socks are another relatively simple and affordable way of helping travellers outwit pickpockets and thieves.

Add these to your travel planning, or even when exercising at home or at the gym. We thoroughly recommend them.

They perfectly complement other personal security products that we’ve reviewed, such as:

the Presli Anti-theft backpack
the Travelon Anti-theft bag
Travelon’s clever anti-theft scarf.
The Wrist Personal Alarm

Additional information about Passport Security Socks

Zip It Gear is a prominent travel accessories brand that distributes across the US and to a number of countries world wide. As well as security socks in several colour schemes and sizes, the company also sells a range of other innovative products.

See if you are able to order online

Disclaimer: Zip it Gear supplied Passport Security Socks for this review but, as always, the views expressed are ours and ours alone.

Main Photo courtesy Zip It Gear


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