One of the biggest security improvements for travellers has been the anti-theft everyday carry bag.

The development of these has been remarkable: converting the humble shoulder bag into a smart-looking personal safe for valuables that you carry with you.

But, are these bags also practical and functional, especially for older travellers?

Here, we take a close look at one of the most popular among travellers, the Anti-Theft Classic Travel Bag by Travelon.

See the Travel Bag’s features on this video courtesy of Travelon:

Q: What are the specific anti-pickpocket features of this bag?

*  It’s made from slash-resistant chain-link fabric * The shoulder strap is reinforced to resist cutting. * Credit card and passport pockets have RFID protection against scanning of information.* A ‘Lobster claw’ locking feature holds each zipper in place, making it extremely difficult for anyone to secretively open the bag.

Zipper locks.JPG

A big advantage

As well as these particular features, an enormous plus for Travelon’ s Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag is its overall design – a simple style, but containing heaps of detail.


This allows the user to be especially well organised and to have everything in its own space – rather than the bewildering jumble that some carry bags can become.

This organisation alone puts you at a big advantage over pickpockets because there’s no need to become oblivious to your surroundings while you search for things from the depths of your bag.

Q: Is the bag stylish?

Yes. The Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag looks smart without drawing excessive attention to itself.

Q: With all these security features, is the bag heavy?

No. It is surprisingly light, again thanks to the clever design.

Model 1.JPG

Q: Does it hold much?

There’s heaps more space inside than you think at first look. The bag is divided into three cleverly-designed compartments – each with locking zippers.

For example, we used the front compartment for our iPhone – to give easy access.


The next one held credit cards, passport, a notebook, pen, other papers and cash in a zippered section.

And, the largest compartment easily held an iPad Mini, hair brush, keys, a Travelon safety scarf and all the usual purse items,

This section also contains a special loop and clasp for holding keys, with a handy LED light attached.

These interior pockets allow almost every item to have its own place. It’s surprising just how much fits easily into this bag without it becoming bulky.


Q: Is the shoulder strap easy to adjust?

The strap is comfortable, readily adjusted and long enough to wear either across-the-body or over the shoulder.

Q: How is the strap slash-resistant?

The Travelon shoulder strap has stainless steel cables running through the fabric to deter pickpockets from cutting it.

Q: How is the body of the bag slash-resistant?

The Travelon Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag is made from reinforced panels that feature a flexible, high-tech steel mesh to counter any attempt at slashing.Yet, when you look at it, you’d never know that it is so strong.

Tip: many pickpockets are young girls and boys — usually 10-16 years of age

Q: How can the bag prevent identity theft?

Travelon’s RFID blocking pockets prevent thieves from remotely scanning and reading your personal information. These sleeves are designed for holding credit cards, passports etc.

Q: Does the Classic Travel Bag have space for a water bottle?

Yes. There are adjustable side pockets, one of which is capable of holding either a water bottle or an umbrella. If not needed, the pocket folds down and effectively becomes invisible.

Tip: pickpocket hotspots in many countries include metro stations, overnight trains, bus stops and similar crowded tourist areas,

Q: Is the bag useful for senior travellers?

Yes. Besides the personal security measures, the light weight of the Travelon bag, its great organisation and easily-adjusted strap make it ideal for seniors.

FullSizeRender 66.jpg

Q: Is the anti-theft bag suited for travel only?

No, the smart look of the bag and its tidy design are perfect for both travelling and everyday use. It is made from Polyester that should wear well and retain its stylish appearance.

Q: Does the bag come in other colours?

Yes. Travelon’s website says the Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag can be ordered in black, stone, midnight or olive colours.

Q: Warranty

Our review bag came with a five-year limited warranty against defect.

Q: Do we recommend this bag?


Carrying this bag in crowded places will certainly provide peace of mind about personal security and help turn the tables on pickpockets.

We couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Q: Where you can get a Travelon Anti Theft Classic Travel Bag?

Ask to be shown this exceptional bag at Strandbags, Myers, and other leading luggage retailers, both online and offline.

Keep watching our Safety Series for your opportunity to win one of these exceptional bags. Details coming soon…….

Disclaimer:  Travelon supplied an Anti-theft Classic Travel Bag for this review. However, as always, the opinions are ours and ours alone.

This is part of an ongoing series of reviews we are undertaking on personal safety products for travellers – especially fellow senior travellers.  wallet-cash-credit-card-pocketWe are particularly focusing on the new-generation of innovative features and products that are rapidly boosting security for travellers.




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