One of the world’s most enduring cities has again marked its long and astonishing history.

Rome, the wonderful Eternal City on the Tiber, is said to have been founded in April 753 amid seven hills.


But, the anniversary is more than just a reason for the Romans to party: Some historians revere the date as the birthday of Western Civilization itself.

For example, we recently saw this explanation about why Rome is so special:

Rome was for hundreds of years the captal of the largest empire Europe has ever seen, stretching from Portugal to Iraq. It was by far the largest city on earth at this time, with piped water, apartment blocks and flushing toilets. Many buildings from that time still stand. Rome was an early centre for the Christian religion and there are jaw-droppingly famous artworks around Rome sponsored by the Church.

To us, that seems to sell Rome short: overlooking the fact that modern English owes its origins to Latin, as do legal and medical terminology and today’s military organisation is based to an extent on the roman army.

And, it is just a gorgeous city, with beauty, grandeur and majesty at almost every turn.

Birthday festivals

 On the anniversary each year, citizens and visitors step back in time to mark Rome’s birthday  – decorating the streets and staging festivals
The city’s streets become a stage for troupes of actors dressed as denizens of the ancient city as they celebrate the birth of the Eternal City.

Photo courtesy Pexels

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