Since we launched our review series on travel safety products, we’ve tested some innovative and practical ideas.

But, it’s fair to say that few of these products have been as fashionable and stylish as the Travel Scarf produced by Travelon.

While travelling, you see people of all ages wearing scarves.

It’s logical: they look nice with just about anything – and a large, pashmina-style scarf is perfect for using as a wrap or blanket while in airports, planes, trains or other public places.

What a great idea!

The genius in Travelon’s Travel Scarf, however, is that – as well as being an elegant accessory – it has a smart additional purpose, designed specifically to help beat pickpockets and thieves.

Its secret is a hidden pocket in the scarf that can carry things like your coin purse, ID, credit cards, boarding pass, passport and perhaps even a mobile phone.

FullSizeRender 65

The hidden pocket features RFID-blocking to ensure that your identity is protected by preventing scanning of credit cards, driver’s licence etc.

Unbelievably handy – yet it doesn’t detract at all from using the scarf as a multipurpose item of clothing.

Put whatever you need in the scarf’s security pocket; zipper up; throw the scarf around your shoulders or neck – and you have a combination of safety, fashion and versatility in one stylish item.

Outsmarting the pickpockets

Travelon’s Travel Scarf is part of a world-wide trend that is turning the tables against pickpockets.

As well as old favourites like personal alarms and under-clothing money belts, travellers can now arm themselves with special slash-resistant safety backpacks and lock-zipper travel bags.

And, there’s now a whole range of ‘clever clothing’ such as the Travelon Travel Scarf – with concealed pockets, zippers and a host of other tricks.

See the Travel Scarf’s features on this video courtesy of Travelon

And, in line with advancing technology, some of this personal safety clothing – again like the Travel Scarf – has included RFID blocking as an additional security feature.

As well as a remarkable leap forward in personal safety, these new-generation clever clothing items and bags have also evolved quickly to look stylish and elegant.

Travel safety meets style

That’s definitely the case with Travelon’s Travel Scarf.

It’s a step-up on the money belt, but is still a particularly usable, attractive item of clothing that can be teamed with just about anything.

The scarf’s size, of 65″ x 57″ (165.1cm x 144.8cm) also allows it to be used as a handy travel blanket or a shoulder wrap on those coolish evenings or in air conditioning.

Travelon’s attractive grey and raspberry-coloured travel scarves are 100% Polyester, which gives an especially light and soft feel. It can be hand washed and hung to dry.

RFID blocking for added security

And, of course, it has the added advantage of being RFID-proof.

In today’s world of cyber technology, stories abound about the risk of personal information from your credit cards etc being scanned and downloaded as you innocently walk by.

To help ease your mind, Travelon has made the hidden pocket in its Travel Scarf RDIF-proof to block transmission of personal information.


Yes, the scarf’s hidden pocket is just that – hidden. It is extremely difficult to see and even the zipper is the same colour as the material, blending in perfectly.

Great gift idea for travellers

In summary, the Travelon Travel Scarf is a functional and fashionable way of helping keep your valuables safe.

It can serve several purposes, which is ideal when you are travelling; neatly complements other safety clothing; comes at an affordable price; – and is a great gift idea.

Like all safety precautions, Travelon’s Travel Scarf obviously can’t guarantee that you won’t have things stolen, but it will certainly improve your chances of keeping your valuables safe.

How to get one

The Travel Scarf can be purchased online.

Disclaimer:  Travelon supplied a Travel Scarf for this review. However, as always, the opinions are ours and ours alone.

This is part of an ongoing series of reviews we are undertaking on personal safety products for travellers – especially fellow senior travellers.  wallet-cash-credit-card-pocketWe are particularly focusing on the new-generation of innovative features and products that are rapidly boosting security for travellers.




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