Over the years, we’ve written a lot about the quaint English village of Denham.

Although only a tiny dot on the map of county Buckinghamshire, Denham has made a big impression on us as a fine example of village culture and British history, set in stunning natural surroundings.


It’s the traditional storybook English village – with the advantage of being easy to reach from Heathrow airport and London.

We’ve gathered together a collection of our reviews and articles about Denham over the years.  Some of the information may repeat itself, but we can never get enough of this awesome village — so forgive our enthusiasm.

Our experience of Denham was certainly influenced in no small way by one of the oldest buildings in the village – the Falcon Inn.  Talking about this wonderful inn is a perfect way of introducing this collection.

So, welcome to Denham through our eyes and camera lens — and if it inspires you to visit, please say ‘hi’ to our friends at the Falcon. You can’t miss it!


This 16th Century inn is an absolute gem, sitting squarely in the historical heart of the village amid stone and red brick cottages, wisteria bushes and bubbling streams.

The Falcon Inn – or Emmots Deye as it was called in the time of Henry VIII – has played a key role in the history of Denham.

According to the inn’s website, it once belonged to Robert Bowyer, the brother of Knight of the Realm, Sir William Bowyer, who had purchased the whole Manor of Denham.

It’s said that the Bowyer family crest was a “Falcon rising”.



Today, the Falcon Inn overlooks Denham’s delightful village green, where you can easily while away restful hours listening to the birds and the relaxing sounds of village life.

If you are a guest, you can also sit on the village green and use the Falcon’s free wifi.

On our visit to the inn, we hired a car and driver for the 15 to 20 drive from Heathrow Airport. Once there, we had no need for a vehicle to explore the wonderful old village set close to a section of the Grand canal.

It’s easy to walk through the area’s parkland and winding bridleways to quickly discover the natural beauty of Denham and its surrounds, especially the regional park in the Colne River valley.

It’s also only a short walk on a level, paved path to Denham station where trains run regularly to the from London.

Our hosts at the Falcon Inn put us in one of the building’s top floor rooms, where we were impressed with the exposed oak beams and old world decor.


The room radiated the 16th Century charm of the Falcon Inn, yet contained all the modern conveniences you could want.

The free wifi operated perfectly throughout the building.

The bed was comfy and fluffy and the ensuite was the equal of any big city accommodation.

The view across the rooftops of Denham was also eye-catching and scenic. Sure, there were some narrow stairs, but nothing more than you would expect in a building of its age.



Downstairs, the ambience continued in the bar and brasserie where we enjoyed several sumptuous meals and plenty of chatter with people fortunate enough to call Denham home.

The Falcon Inn is apparently well known for its fine cask ales and the few we tasted were as good as any glasses we have raised in the UK.

All in all, the operators of the Falcon Inn went out of their way to ensure out visit to Denham was unforgettable.

We have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the inn and Denham as a wonderful way of experiencing life in a lovely English village.

The Falcon Inn is located in Village Road, Denham, Buckinghamshire, about 18 miles from London via the A40.

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