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Put some planning into travel photos

Photography should always be a part of travel preparation.

At the risk of saying the bleeding obvious, ensuring that you return with good photographs greatly enhances the travel experience.


Photo courtesy GoPro

For example, we recently switched to what is broadly known as a ‘Wifi action camera’ and hope to take our travel photos to the next level.

We changed from traditional photography because fellow travellers told us that action cameras had dramatically improved their travel photos.

And, although we are still well and truly in the novice stage, the results certainly look promising.


Photo courtesy Trevor DeHass and Pocket

For a start, ‘Wifi action cameras’ have an ultra-wide angle lens, which gives a totally different perspective – with far more surroundings in the frame.

The cameras are tiny, which allows them to conveniently and inconspicuously fit in a small bag or even a pocket.

Most give out a Wifi signal which can be linked to a smartphone or a remote control.

By watching the phone, you can view what the camera is seeing  – and then take the photo by pressing the phone screen.

If you wish, the photo or video can then be uploaded immediately as email attachments -or to Instagram or other social media.

We chose a GoPro camera, but there are other similar products on the market.

Many of the Wifi action cameras are waterproof to a certain depth (minus the smartphone) for use while snorkeling and have adhesive mounts that allow them to be fitted to a head, chest, wrist or ankle strap.

This is the reason for the stunning photographs – taken from almost unbelievable angles -that have become synonymous with surfing, cycling, diving and action sports in general over recent years.

Now they are moving into the mainstream photography world, where their small size and flexibility is appealing to photographers of all ages – even grey nomads like us.


Photo courtesy GoPro

In our case, the camera is mainly attached to a more sedate handgrip that doubles as a tripod.

We don’t expect to be parachuting, ballooning, or riding bikes down a mountainside, but hope the technology and convenience of the camera will make it ideal for travel photos.


Photo courtesy daily star UK

Keep watching and we’ll let you know how it works out.

One thing we have learned is that Wifi action cameras need regular charging, just like your phone.

And, because they can take multiple photos at lightning speed combined with high quality video,  it’s also wise to purchase a 64 or 80 gigabyte micro SD card (or two)

Wifi action cameras also change your thoughts on photo composition.


For example, to get the best out of the wide-angle lens, you need to bring the camera closer and lower to the subject than normal. This gives the images a realistic and particularly striking appearance.


Watch for upcoming reviews of our camera and its effectiveness as a tool for older travellers.


About Ian Roberts (266 Articles)
Ian Roberts is a veteran Australian journalist, PR man and writer/reviewer on accommodation and travel. Over many decades, Ian has travelled widely reporting and recording his experiences. His newsy columns - including Memorable Destination - have gained a big following among people seeking suggestions and objective information about accommodation, travel and destinations world-wide. Along with wife, Sue and her camera, Ian has taken up a particular challenge to help budget conscious seniors 50 and upward with travel and accommodation ideas - including suggestions for holding family reunions. Readers in Ian's home city of Newcastle Australia may also be aware of his travel and accommodation column in a local newspaper.

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