It’s rare, but every now and then a significant and far-reaching moment occurs in travel.

One such event happened with the opening of a new Asia-Europe air corridor, thanks to Singapore-based carrier, Scoot Airlines.


Already a prominent player in Asia and reportedly planning to tackle the giant US market, Scoot has started a new service between Singapore and Athens, Greece.

By linking with Scoot’s existing large network, the new service opened up another channel between Europe and centres in Australia and across Asia.

For us, this development was exciting on several counts:

  • Scoot’s status as a low-cost carrier means that flights between Asia and Europe entered a whole new era of affordability.
  • The flights showcase the game-changing nature of the fuel-efficient and wide-bodied Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  • More attention is now focused on Singapore’s strategic position as a key airline hub and vibrant Asian destination.
  • The new corridor can also only enhance recent marketing of Athens as an international tourism destination.


At more than 10,000 kilometres, the Singapore-Athens flights dramatically boosted Scoot’s reputation as a medium-haul carrier. In fact, Scoot says the flight is the longest operated by any low-cost airline.

Affordable service catches attention

The new Singapore-Athens link particularly caught our attention, as Australians are accustomed to paying hefty airfares to and from Europe.

Even with low-cost carrier fees added, the new flights are still particularly reasonable and open up the possibility of a European visit to more of the Australian population.

Aussies of all ages, including senior travellers, who may have only dreamed of seeing the ruins of Ancient Greece and Europe beyond, will now have an opportunity – thanks to Scoot.

The Dreamliner factor

It’s no coincidence that the new Asia-Europe link followed Scoot’s world-first conversion to an all-Boeing Dreamliner fleet.


The quieter, roomier, lighter jet with the amazing range, striking cabin lights and elegant looks has changed the industry markedly, opening up areas that were once the domain of big four-engine giants.

We are yet to fly on a Dreamliner, but can’t wait to give a first hand review of this plane that is widely said to have redefined the travel experience.

The vibrant Singapore hub

Scoot’s Asia-Europe flights  also highlight the further development of Singapore as a central air travel hub of the Asia-Pacific region.


Fresh from marking its 50th anniversary of statehood, Singapore, its airlines and its Changi Airport continue to grow in stature.

At the other end of the new service, Athens is also boosting its presence in the international tourism market as a lot more than just a stopover on the way to the Greek Islands.

Flights from Singapore to Athens, initially, are  every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – departing at 2am – while flights back from Athens are the same days, departing at 12pm.

Our reviews

Scoot Airlines has kindly invited ‘Memorable Destination’ to review the new service in September-October.

Join us in counting down to this memorable experience;  watch for more previews; and then check here and on social media for our first hand reviews of this development in the travel industry.


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