It’s 37 years since one of the most defining moments of my generation.

On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was gunned down outside the magnificent Dakota building in New York City’s Upper West Side.


In the time it took to pull the trigger four times, the world suffered a bitter and cruel blow.

Even now, the memory of that day brings a sense of sadness.  The sixties were an important part of my youth – and John Lennon and the Beatles embodied much of the spirit of those times.

But I’ve let go of my anger.

I realised how pointless it was the last time Sue and I visited Strawberry Fields, the memorial to Lennon and his music in New York City’s Central Park.

What I always regarded as a location of silent reflection,  instead has become one of the most popular places in the Big Apple for tourist ‘selfies’ – right up there with Trump Tower.

Time and tide wait for no man!

The Dakota Building

If you haven’t seen Strawberry Fields, the memorial is located just inside the park on readily accessible, level ground directly opposite the Dakota.

And take a ‘selfie’ if you must – it is special ground.


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