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Emirates aiming for only two types of aircraft

Emirates Airline has retired three types of aircraft, as part of a move to simplify its fleet.

This is part of the broader plan to retire 26 aircraft this year, including 12 Airbus A330-300s; four A340-300s; a A340-500; six Boeing 777-200mERs;, two Boeing 777-300s; and a Boeing 777-300 ER.

As well, the airline will also take another 26 aircraft out of operation over the next two years.

After the retirements, Emirates will operate a simplified fleet of only two basic aircraft types (Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777 – which includes the 777-200 LR, -300 and -300 ER variations.

Emirates says these are recognised as some of the most efficient and quiet commercial airplanes available.

The Dubai-based airline currently has more than 240 aircraft, with a further 262 on order.

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