This question from a reader really set us thinking.

It’s difficult to adequately explain the fascination that the English capital holds.

We’ve visited London many times, but still find it just as enthralling, enticing and enriching.

See  why:

London’s appeal is a lot more than its 2,000 years of history or the city’s iconic landmarks.

From  its astonishing museums and galleries, unbelievable architecture, palaces, parks and theatres to the enchantment of the River Thames, London gives real meaning to the term ‘stately’.

There is a grandeur unmatched and the vibrancy of a modern city with a high level of cultural and ethnic diversity.


Copyright: Memorable Destination

London can be expensive to visit, but standing by the ornate gates of Buckingham Palace as the guards change is almost a rite of passage for much of the world.

If you’ve visited London you undoubtedly understand its appeal.


If you are thinking about vacationing in Europe, we recommend that you spend time in the English capital. It is special indeed.

We also have no hesitation in recommending our good friends at the Rembrandt Hotel in South Kensington.


Copyright: Memorable Destination


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