Two years ago, we came across an eye-catching sight in Malmo, Sweden.

We were on a day trip from Copenhagen; primarily to see the mighty Oresund Bridge – the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe.

The bridge is impressive in both its sheer scale and sleek grandeur and, afterwards, we wandered through the central city and canal area of Malmo.

As well as some striking architecture and restored old warehouses, Malmo is a university city and home to thousands of bicycles, in a similar way to Amsterdam, Holland; and much of Scandinavia.DSCN0890

However, Malmo had a difference that we had never seen before.

Instead of being left in the streets or in parking stations, many of the bicycles of Malmo were parked on a pontoon moored in a city canal.

This innovative system looked tidy and made great sense. Such a modern idea also contrasted sharply with the former warehouses and old stone bridges that spanned the canal and harked back to Malmo’s former glory as an industrial centre.DSCN0886We snapped a photograph of the ‘bike pontoon’ – holding hundreds of bicycles – tethered in the canal alongside the city’s main railway station. That photograph appeared in Memorable Destination last September.

But apparently, we weren’t the only ones fascinated by the Swedish pontoon.

Our photo caught the eye of German officials working on the bid to stage the 2024 Olympic Games at Hamburg.

And we were only too pleased to allow the image to be used as part of public discussion in Germany about sustainability measures for the proposed games.

Bridge photo attribution: “Oeresund Bridge”. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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