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New York: see how to stack a car

Cars are stacked one above the other like a wrecker’s lot, but this is no auto graveyard.

It’s a mechanical car park that vertically lifts and stores vehicles: allowing scores of cars to fit into an area that would otherwise hold only a dozen or so.

Apparently, car stackers exist in many of the world’s big cities where space for parking can be at a premium.

However, this New York City example – looking like something from a Transformers movie – is the first we’d seen.

Rising above its surroundings near Manhattan’s Chelsea pier, the stacker is said to hold about 80 cars – and looked pretty full.

By the way, you can get a good view of this stacker from Chelsea’s ‘High Line’ overhead parkland – another fascinating NYC attraction.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has used one of the stackers.

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Ian Roberts is a veteran Australian journalist, PR man and writer/reviewer on accommodation and travel. Over many decades, Ian has travelled widely reporting and recording his experiences. His newsy columns - including Memorable Destination - have gained a big following among people seeking suggestions and objective information about accommodation, travel and destinations world-wide. Along with wife, Sue and her camera, Ian has taken up a particular challenge to help budget conscious seniors 50 and upward with travel and accommodation ideas - including suggestions for holding family reunions. Readers in Ian's home city of Newcastle Australia may also be aware of his travel and accommodation column in a local newspaper.

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