Denmark is a stylish country, where even staircases can be a work of art.

Take the Axelborg building in central Copenhagen for example.

This monumental building – almost directly opposite the city’s Tivoli Gardens – boasts a rotunda staircase designed in a remarkable funnel style

Stylish funnel

The rotunda links oval-shaped lower floors with circular ones above, funnelling up to a distinctive tower.

Whether you’re looking up or down, the stairwell has classic beauty yet still serves a purpose, almost 100 years after the Axelborg was built.

Opened in 1920, the Axelborg building has a lovely central hall that once housed the headquarters of the Danish Co-operative Bank.image

What’s a patenoster

Those who work in the iconic building – once the second biggest in Copenhagen – are fortunate to be constantly reminded of the it’s grand past.

The Axelborg, for example, also contains one of the world’s few remaining patenosters – a type of elevator with open compartments continually moving in a loop.

These compartments move slowly and never come to a stop.

Mind the gap

Passengers step in and out as the patenoster reaches any floor.

Each compartment usually holds no more than two people.

Memorable and certainly cool

Because of safety issues many of these lifts have been closed and those remaining, like the one in the Axelborg building, have become quite well known.

With its funnel staircase, elegant high ceilings and rare patenoster, the Axelborg building is truly a memorable destination.


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