Newcastle Airport, on Australia’s east coast, is undergoing a A$14.5million terminal expansion.ITA-Hero-terminal-landside-July-14

Construction of a new arrivals hall, upgrading of the terminal exterior and expansion of international customs, immigration and quarantine facilities has started.

This work is scheduled to be finished in early 2015.

Stage two of the project will include refurbished check-in and departure sections, Passenger-statistics-2013as well as additional shops, food outlets and expanded terminal waiting areas.

It is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

A record 1,198,312 passengers passed through Newcastle Airport in 2013 – a 1.4% increase over the previous year.

In January, Newcastle will host part of the Asian Cup football tournament, which will be the biggest sporting event in Asia.

The 23-day Asian Cup is expected to bring 45,000 visitors to Australia.

Follow the Newcastle Airport upgrading

* Photo courtesy Newcastle Airport


  1. Good news, it definitely looks like an underdeveloped regional airport atm. Be good if they include a qantas lounge as part of the expansion


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