Review: The Belnord Hotel, West 87th Street, NYC

Manhattan’s upper west side is truly the New York City of the movies – attractive tree-lined streets, grand buildings and families walking their dogs.

The Belnord is on West 87th street, three blocks from Central Park and amongst the restaurants, community stores, supermarkets and cafes that line Broadway and Columbus and Amsterdam avenues.

Zabar’s, NYC’s famous food emporium, is about seven blocks away and it’s a short stroll to museums and similar attractions.

Hotel decor

DSCN0506The Belnord does not carry the luxury tag, but this hotel is squarely in keeping with its surroundings; neat, tidy and understated. It is definitely NYC.

The hotel’s foyer is unpretentious, clean and no-frills.  The hotel is in a particularly quiet area of NYC, largely free of wailing city sirens and general street noise.

How quick and efficient was the hotel check-in?

Staff are friendly, efficient and service oriented, without intruding.

Sign-in was quick and pleasant and we are given a map of central Manhattan and directions to the 86th Street subway station, which is located close to the hotel.

Did we feel welcomed by the Belnord staff?

DSCN0578Certainly.  The Belnord is relaxed, but the staff team is willing to go that extra distance to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

We were at the hotel for 19 days and found the staff so helpful that we even left a small travel gift to show our appreciation.

When we used a nearby laundry, the hotel staff delivered our freshly-pressed clothes back to our room.

Were we offered help with our luggage?

Yes, but the hotel lifts were so roomy and efficient that we chose to handle our bags  ourselves.

Did the hotel offer wifi – and how did it work?

DSCN0519The Belnord has an excellent free wifi for guests. On arrival, we were given the password and it was clearly explained when it would change and how to maintain the service.

The system worked without a hitch throughout our stay.

This was a huge plus, as we were not forced to seek out wifi at coffee shops, restaurants etc.

The room experience

Our double room was ready when we arrived and was the perfect size for a city stay where you are unlikely to spend much time indoors.  Again, it was understated and finished in true NYC style.

DSCN0439There was a comfortable double bed with individual readings lights;  a flat screen TV set;  large wardrobe; ensuite and breakfast bench. .

The cable TV worked perfectly and there were no problems with the en-suite shower room. Extra heavy drapes kept out any street light.

Power points

This is increasingly becoming important, with phones, iPad, iPod and the like all requiring charging, as well as the usual requirements for electric razor; hair dryer etc.

Our Belnord hotel room had  numerous points – all in handy positions, so there was no problem charging devices.

Room service

DSCN0542Room service was prompt each morning, but again was not intrusive.  If it was obvious that you were still in the room, service staff would wait as long as possible and then eventually knock on the door to check when it would be suitable to enter.

Towells and bathroom accessories.

These were soft and fluffy and were left daily, if you needed them.  It was a similar story with bathroom/shower accessories.


Like many NYC hotels, the Belnord does not have a restaurant, but is located right in the middle of an ‘Eat Street’ section of Broadway.  Restaurants and coffee shops offering an array of meals are scattered throughout the area.


Our room cost about $250 a night.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. Undoubtedly.

Would I stay again?

Yes, without hesitation.

Have you ever visited this hotel? How was it for you?



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