Australia’s national capital and its politicians are no strangers to hot air.

But there’s about to be more than usual as the skies above Canberra host some of the world’s most colourful hot air balloons.


The annual Canberra Balloon Spectacular – from March 11-19 – will, once again, be one of few such events around the globe where people can use air space close to the national houses of government – and not be shot down.

Launching in the pre-dawn light each day, scores of balloons will soar above the centre of the Australian capital in a flurry of colour, creating an exhilarating backdrop to the parliamentary precinct.

During the nine days, pilots will begin laying out and inflating their balloons on the lawns of Old Parliament House from 6.15am, weather permitting.

The 2017 Canberra Balloon Spectacular will also include some special shape balloons from across the globe adding a sense of novelty to the stunning setting each day.

Patrons will be treated to an experience of the senses with a flurry of colour, sound and movement

Balloons, their pilots and crews hail from many countries and the event is said to be among the leading activities on the world’s hot air balloon calendar.

Canberra Balloon Spectacular is one of the most memorable city events in Australia.

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