Travellers to Denham for an English village experience follow a well worn path.

Although Denham Village remains a largely unspoiled and tranquil collection of historic English buildings, the area has roots back to Saxon times – and even earlier Roman ruins have also been found nearby.

The first written record of Denham was in the 11th century. It’s understood that land was given to the Abbot and convent of Westminster in 1299.

Later, King Henry III granted the village a weekly market and an annual three-day fair.

Denham fair continued until the 1870s.

The stately buildings that are part of Denham’s appeal as a perfect getaway location for travellers from around the globe, began to be noticed  near the end of the 17th century.


A fine brick mansion known as Denham Place, for example, was built around that time and is said to be noted for its friezes, ceilings and chapel.

Another outstanding old building, Denham Court, stands at the end of an avenue of lime trees.

Part of a 14th-century hall still survives at another house, Savay Farm.

Located in southern Buckinghamshire, Denham is ideal for an English village experience.


A stunning area of red brick buildings draped in wisteria, Denham is only about 15 to 20 minutes journey by hire car and driver from Heathrow Airport – a ‘traditional’ English village without the need for exhausting travel.


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